Drive climate action and create your solutions for specific cliamte challenges.

We want to not just talk about sustainability but try to see what technology can do to fight climate change. That is why Hackerstolz and the City of Mannheim is hosting the Climathon. Please visit our main landing page Climathon Mannheim 2019 for more information. Only on our landing page you can get valid tickets for the hackathon. The devpost side will only be used to promote the event. Use the short link to event ticket here.

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Wondering what kind of hackers are needed to take on the challenges? Find them here, but please don’t forget, the only really important condition for you as a participant: planet earth lover! By the way, in our FAQ we explain in more detail that there are really no requirements to take part at the Climathon.

  • Developer: Programmers who turn thoughts into code. Only the input speed of your keyboard sets you limits.
  • Engineer: With a deep scientific background you build the complex engine room of any technical project.
  • Data Scientist: You and data, it’s a long story. A mixture of data magic and a touch of AI.
  • Maker: Loves tinkering around with hardware and IoT. Your hands start to itch when you hear a great idea.
  • Idea Generator: You spark creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.
  • Superpower: Not techie or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life.
  • Designer: In your skillful hands, dashboards and applications gain clarity and style.

Teams of 3 to 7 people work together on a project idea.

If you don’t have a complete team yet, don’t worry, you can register as an individual participant in the application process and then find teammates before the event in our slack community or during the first day.

Tickets are free of charge. You pay 10€ for the tickets in our ticket shop, but you get 10€ refund in cash when you show up at the event. More information can be found in our FAQ.


The documentation of your solution must be published on the official Climate-KIC Climathon Mannheim site. At least one member of your team, must be registered there, to publish your solution.


Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons

Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
University of Mannheim | Business School | Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

Marianne Crevon

Marianne Crevon
Financial Director Climate Protection Agency Mannheim gGmbH

Dr. Robert Thomann

Dr. Robert Thomann
Innovation Manager MVV Energy AG

Clemens Schreiber

Clemens Schreiber
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Sonja Wilkens

Sonja Wilkens
Startup Consultant for Economic and Structural Development of the City of Mannheim

Judging Criteria

  • 1. Transformative potential (30%)
    Does the solution offer something unique and innovative that challenges conventional thinking or systems? Has the solution been tried before? Does the solution address a core need, rather than solving an already existing problem? etc.
  • 2. Operational viability (20%)
    Is the timing right for the team to solve the problem they are addressing with the solution? Is the solution’s defensibility convincing? (i.e. Why won’t an existing “demand owner” or company do this? Why can the team do better or faster?) etc.
  • 3. Social and environmental value potential (15%)
    Is the solution relevant to the Sustainable Development Goal number 13 on Climate Action, at a minimum? Does the solution have the potential to significantly avoid or reduce C02 emissions? etc.
  • 4. Exchanged: Technical realisation (15%)
    Is the prototype usable for producatization? Is the technology stack scalable? Is the prototype running stable? etc.
  • 5. Team capability (10%)
    Did the team show indication of high commitment? Does the team have relevant domain experience given the problem they are trying to solve? Does the team have any prior entrepreneurial experience? etc.
  • 6. Pitch quality (10%)
    Did the team present a compelling story to the audience? Did the team address the why, how and what of their solution? Did the team make their solution understandable to a layperson? etc.


  • Social Good